a painful fear of open spaces and public places. It can cause alcoholism because of reluctance to show uncontrollable fear. Agoraphobics almost always live in a state of fright. Disquieting situation evoke in agoraphobic series of physical reactions (heart palpitations, dizziness, tension or weakness in muscles, sweating, heavy breathing, nausea, urinary incontinence, etc.) that can be transformed into a real panic, cognitive reactions (feeling of strangeness of what is going on, fear of losing control, getting crazy, being ridiculed in public, lose consciousness or die, etc.), and behavioral reactions (agoraphobic tries to avoid situations of anxiety and nervousness, as well as moving off from the place or person which he considers “safe”).

Etiology (mental reasons)

uncontrollable fear is a result of uncontrollable imagination of agoraphobic. Fears arise in early childhood and endure in solitude. The reason for the development of agoraphobia in a child is often a death or insanity of any of his relatives, directly facing with death or adopting of these fears from close ones. The fear of death permeates all levels of this person, although he realize it not always and not fully. Person afraid of any changes because they symbolize for him death and cause great anxiety and acute attack of agoraphobia. These fears may be hidden many years but can break out at any moment. He does not dare to talk about it with anyone, because he afraid of being taken as a madman.


in youth most agoraphobics have a strong dependence on the mother and then feel responsible for her happiness. Agoraphobic can help himself emotionally when will establish a normal relationship with his mother. Also, agoraphobic need to understand that what  happen to him is not craziness but poorly controlled hypersensitivity.

Affirmation: “I am safe. All changes that occur to me are for better. The Universe is my safe home”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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