anorexia is a lack of appetite which brings weight loss and deterioration of the general physical condition. Also pallor and flabbiness of skin may be observed in most cases. Sometimes anorexia is accompanied by bulimia – greedy eating until person starts to vomit. In case of expressed symptoms of such “voracious appetite” see also article Bulimia. Anorexia may be of several types depending on the reasons causing it.

Etiology (mental reasons)

negation of life, exaggerated fears, hatred to own self and denial of own self as individual. Anorexia nervosa became widespread lately – conscious restriction of own self in food and assurance that still fat in spite of abnormal leanness. Anorexia has one nature of origin with obesity and bulimia (see the articles Obesity, Bulimia, Pathological addictions) – unsatisfied love and attachment, lack of emotional support and acceptance which fill spiritual emptiness. The only difference is in how this dissatisfaction is shown: attempt “to starve” emptiness or “feeding” of it accordingly.

Feeling of a dissatisfaction and, consequently, food rejection (a symbol of our mother-nurse Earth) arises because of rejection of own mother. Probably, anorexic is afraid of his mother in literal sense. Rejecting own mother, he rejects a feminine part in himself which is present at each of us. Woman having anorexia has to review her life and show the feminity instead of running from it. The person resists own sexuality, he is afraid to give freedom to own body. Patient with anorexia goes to his astral or imagined world easily as he doesn’t feel taste of life, doesn’t want to be engaged in what he has to be engaged on this planet, he feels fear in front of new impressions and avoids the related activity. He loses appetite as denies his desire to live and do something. Among other things, sick with nervous anorexia thinks he is still too fat, like he shows that considers his emotional needs are too big to bear with them. Anorexic has weak will, and the weaker appetite is, the weaker will to live becomes. Usually such people feel total fear in front of coercion, they wish not to live a “dead man’s life”, but due to the lack of will others think and make decisions for him dexterously and earnestly. Food for the patient with anorexia is the factor which prolongs such life and spiritual torments.


if you suffer from anorexia, first of all you have to change your attitude towards mother. Reunion with the feminine inside you will help you to expand internal ability and readiness for perception, then appetite will improve too. Realize that she always wished good to you and that she, as any other person, can have her fears and weaknesses. Probably, she upset you with something or disappointed you, but never forget that your relation to this or that event forces to suffer instead of the event itself. It’s within your power to change this relation. Accepting the mother and her love, in whatever forms it was shown, you accept the feminine inside you and find taste to life and appetite again. It is really important, because the world is full of new impressions, for our pleasure for excitement of our activity; you live only half life if you are closed for them.

Affirmation: “It is safe to stay myself. I am a good person. My choice is life. My choice is pleasure and acceptance of myself”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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