abortion is a breaking of pregnancy before the expiration of the sixth month, i.e., till the moment when a child can survive and grow himself. After six months they say not about abortion, but about premature birth. The following forms of abortion distinguish:

spontaneous abortion (occurs suddenly and ends with the rejection of the fetus, which is often dead already, and placenta, usually referred to as MISCARRIAGE);

artificial abortion (carry out in a hospital environment and not later than the second month of pregnancy, probability of implications is much lower than after the clandestine abortion);

artificial therapeutic abortion (carry out under medical supervision if the health of the pregnant woman does not allow her to bear fetus during full period of pregnancy).

Etiology (mental reasons)

miscarriage, in most cases, is the result of unconscious choice of mother or child’s, which she carries in her body, soul. Or baby’s soul makes different decision, or the mother does not feel ready to have a child. During pregnancy, mother and child communicate with each other on a soul level. It is possible that this soul will return it to the woman when she gets pregnant again, then the miscarriage is no more than a respite.

When woman decides to make an abortion herself, it means that she is afraid very much. Also the feeling of guilt intensify if after abortion implications occur.

During therapeutic abortion woman goes through the same as during spontaneous abortion, with the only difference that she can’t make a decision herself and prefer doctors make it. Perhaps she would feel much guiltier if she would decide to make an abortion herself.

Abortion or miscarriage usually coincides with some failed project or unfulfilled hopes. Thinking about bad, women can’t or don’t want to continue to carry the baby.

Many women often suffer with various diseases of reproductive organs after an abortion. Feeling guilty for breaking of a human life, they begin to punish themselves. Some women continue to keep so-called “psychological child” after abortion – their belly increase as if they were actually pregnant. Fibroma in the uterus forms in some women – a sign that they accepted their choice not fully.


if miscarriage / therapeutic abortion occurred you have to realize that your unavailability to have a child is a weakness that you can afford at this time, and decide that next time you’re going to be stronger certainly. It is necessary to realize that whole Universe helps you and you certainly can do it.

Affirmation: “The universe helps me and gives additional energy and resources. I’m able to take care of those who need my care”.

If you had an abortion, you must tell yourself that the birth of a child is simply beyond your abilities at present. To explain to the child’s soul that she is afraid and give herself entitlement to this weakness is important. Otherwise, the guilt can cause additional implications if she ever gets pregnant again. She will think about the child she refused to keep constantly.

If you’re only going to make abortion, I strongly recommend to you to consider it seriously one more time. There is an opinion that woman’s pregnancy is a part of experience that she needs to get in this life and if she will not give away to her fears and entrust herself to the Divine, all will be fine. People have much more power, both mental and physical, than they think, so mostly it is not true if you think you’ve reached your level best.

Not to get under someone’s influence is also very important. Try to make contact with the soul of little creature which is in you and make decision yourself. Be aware of consequences that your act against child will necessarily entail, which nature will depend on the reason why you decided to make an abortion. You will be easier to accept the consequences of your decision if you become reconciled with yourself.

Wise person knows that all his actions and decisions have a certain outcomes instead of discern good or evil in anything. Therefore, on spiritual and emotional levels, you should accept the inevitability that one day you also will get a serious refusal or be forsaken. Besides, tell yourself that you are not required always to be successful and to cope with all the problems. Admit that your capabilities are limited.

Affirmation: “My capabilities are not boundless. I forgive myself for the decision. I care about those who I meet in life”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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