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Menopause (Climacteric, Climacterium, Climax)


menopause is the normal process which occurs in a woman’s organism at age about fifty. But sometimes the menopause passes pathologically; in this case it becomes very difficult period of physical and emotional instability for a woman, as well as the puberty. Woman suffers from hot flashes and increases in blood pressure, undue fatigability, sleeplessness and anxiety. Man can have similar symptoms at the age about sixty. This process’ name is Andropause.

Etiology (mental reasons)

fear of cease to be desired, fear of ageing, aversion, reprobation of own self, fear that is insufficiently good. (It usually is accompanied by hysteria). Childbearing age comes to the end with a menopause, and woman hardly humble with a loss of one of her most important functions. She has to pass from a stage of the birth and education of children to a stage of care of herself. With heat waves, when hot flashes happen, she wants to show that is still a hot woman. The aspiration to keep youth and fertility causes returning bleedings. On the other hand, the less she cared of herself in the childbearing period, the more early will come and the more difficultly will pass a climax.


in this period you have to make a pause to consider changes that occur in you – they are neither good, nor bad, it is life, and life means growth and change; it is necessary to stop and think how to reconstruct your feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires. The more heavy menopause symptoms, the more loudly your body says to you that you shouldn’t be afraid of ageing. To facilitate this transition, you have to use the machismo laid in you. The more difficult for woman to open her machismo, the more heavy and long the climacteric period will last for her. If you can’t give birth to children, it doesn’t mean yet that you can’t live. You have to reconsider the relation to old age. To grow old – doesn’t mean to die, become the disabled or helpless person. You are still needed to those around you, you are able to be useful to others and to move forward. With age person usually becomes wiser as he accumulates experience and knowledge.

From this time, you have the right to live for yourself. Before menopause you lived for others, now it is time to pay attention to yourself too. Create for yourself, using a machismo, in other words think without haste, make decisions in a quiet atmosphere and spend more time alone with yourself. It is useful to learn to do special energy gymnastics: shiatsu, tai chi, a qigong or to practice yoga; that will help to get rid of dryness of the vagina, of increased arterial pressure and to reduce weight of hot flashes.

One more step to successful recovery is connected with desire to live according to own requirements, instead of stereotypes and convictions created by education and environment, to overcome offenses, to treat life quietly and kindly. Find own pleasures in life. Anyone needs to start loving himself today already (at any age and regardless of appearance or work).

Affirmation: “Steadiness and peace of mind stay with me (at any changes of a cycle), and I bless my body with love”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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