the accumulation of pus that either breaks out itself, or enquire opening. Hot and cold abscess distinguished. In hot abscess (it occurs more often) pus accumulate very fast and all four signs of inflammation are evident: swelling, reddening, heightened temperature and pain. Cold abscess characterizing with slow accumulation of liquid without signs of inflammation.

Etiology (mental reasons)

abscess is the indication of suppressed anger that, by-turn, cause despair, sense of feebleness and failure. Joy of life sinks in grief and anger. Since abscess do pain usually, the feeling of guilt added to this suppressed anger. Person thinks bad about himself or others. He concerns with thoughts about evil that have been done to him, about inattention and about vengeance. It may also be nervousness, irritability and temper.


to identify which realm of life is this anger related to, area where abscess arose should be analyzed. For example, if it arose on one of limbs, person is dissatisfied with the direction that his life takes, his future or place where he is going to go. It is necessary to understand what cause this anger clean all “dirt” from the head – to let these thoughts go away.

Affirmation: “I let my thoughts go. Past went. I feel peace in my soul”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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