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Features of inflammatory diseases

What is the feature of inflammatory diseases (their names usually come to an end on (-itis) – sinusitis, bronchitis, arthritis, etc.)?

There is a theory of “new medicine” which founder is Dr. Gerd Hamer. According to this theory, inflammatory disease is a consequence of solution of some biological conflict. For example, the person feels that he isn’t able to suffer the chief any more and decides to take a vacation. As soon as he comes to the place where he is going to spend holidays, sinusitis begins. As a result, when this conflict is eliminated or resolved, the organism (by means of a brain) passes to a recovery phase (on this phase the parasympathetic nervous system dominates), and at this moment organism is affected by an infectious or inflammatory disease. The biological conflict here means a strong shock which causes feeling of helplessness and is enduring alone. As a rule, it’s any unpleasant event which occurs absolutely unexpectedly. Usual conflicts in everyday life affect the person not so strongly, because they are standard and predictable and he has opportunity and time to become prepared, but they can cause torpid chronic diseases.

Even if the organism entered into a recovery phase, you shouldn’t refuse the help of doctor. It is desirable to check also whether the conflict is resolved (with love and forgiveness) or only suspended for a while.

Also, inflammation can mean that person’s consciousness “is inflamed”. Strong anger, rage, offense, desire to revenge, fear or the fatigue caused by big number of vital events leads to it, as, for example, child gets sick when he wants to take a rest from school (yes, dear parents, such thing can happen too. Both to child, and to you). It is possible to allocate separately fear to get sick, belief about statistics. Thus negative social purposes are accepting.

But let’s return to the “new medicine”. From approximately 1000 known to mankind diseases one half is “hot”, and other half is “cold”. “Hot” diseases say that some conflict is eliminated or resolved and that the body restores and updates itself. According to the theory of Dr. Hamer, all diseases consist of two phases. In other words, about 500 diseases, which begin as “cold” (a phase on which the conflict isn’t resolved yet), over time become “hot” (a phase which begins after elimination of the conflict and on which the organism starts recovering). Inflammations belong to “hot” diseases usually.

For human, as well as for animals, pain makes biological sense mostly which consists in restriction of movements of all body and its struck part, in order to recovery happen in optimum conditions.

Pain can be felt in an active phase of the conflict too (a “cold” illness) – for example, at stenocardia or stomach ulcer. In a recovery phase (a “hot” illness) pain can be caused by an inflammation, an infection, hypostasis or scarring process.

It is possible to add only that it is insufficiently just to eliminate or extinguish the conflict (as in our example, temporarily avoiding contact with the chief on holiday) to ideas of Dr. Hamer. The conflict needs to be resolved once and for all, that it never renew again. For it’s final work our person has to find the true reason of the conflict which is often hidden from our consciousness (ability to work with subconsciousness will help us in it), and to pass all stages of forgiveness also. Remember, to eliminate the conflict and to resolve it – not same at all.

(According to Lise Burbo and Valery Sinelnikov)

Updated on 4 April 2024

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