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Tonsillitis acute (Angina, quinsy)


lesion of tonsils in acute form, is accompanied by severe pain in a throat and rise in body temperature.

Etiology (mental reasons)

strong belief that you can’t lift up your voice witness for own views and ask to satisfy your requirements. You abstain from rough words, suppress your anger and other emotions or are afraid to express what you think aloud. It is a violent  protest against lack of power of voice or violent hidden criticism. Also this illness can say that you feel anger because you can’t manage something. You subconsciously take offense at yourself. In any case, you as though can’t swallow something, so some part you is too critical. Probably, you bear idea of revolt – against yourself or someone else. You are confident in your rectitude absolutely. As well as at inflammation, here the actual suppressed conflict is shown.

Quinsy at child, as well as other respiratory tract diseases, appears in reply to problems of parents relationships (here, probably, the protest against lack of voice power is shown, cause he wants so much to tell parents them to treat each other and him with love and respect). Or he feels a no one in a family himself. Everybody are so important, and he is nothing. Nobody is interested in his opinion.

By turn, tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils) is a parental desire that the child obey big and clever adults. Tonsils are self-conceit’s ears, not existing ears won’t apprehend a word. But from now any offense will cultivate his ego. It won’t be easy to force him to dance to the tune of others anymore. But if it occurs, other tissues of a throat become affected.


try to recede and allow everything that wants to happen inside you to be done during some time. Respect your feelings, on your anger also, and pay attention to your fear too. Then all horrors will lose their force and you will be open and free again. Try to understand motives of those who influence you repressively. Find in yourself power to express your opinion in a correct form. If child has angina, think about your relationships with your husband/wife. To endure this situation with bigger love and understanding is in your interests. See also articles Tonsillitis chronic, Throat (pain) and article about inflammatory diseases.

Affirmation: “From my birth I have the right to people reckon with my requirements. Now I easily and freely ask what I want. And I treat everything that occurs round me with kindness and understanding”.

Or “I let myself be what I am. The Universe gives me everything that is necessary for me. I am able to make everything that is foreordained to me. And I treat everything that occurs round me with kindness and understanding”.

Or “I treat everything that occurs round me with kindness and understanding”.

Updated on 4 April 2024

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